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Deposit Power Guarantee
how do I qualify

There are two ways to qualify for a Lease Deposit Power Guarantee

Option 1

Credit Option

To obtain approval for a Lease Deposit Power Guarantee Pensio will review your and the co-tenants application, you and your co-tenants will need to demonstrate that you will have the funds to pay your monthly rent

No lease violation judgments rendered by any court or tenant tribunal in the current and previous 3 years

Employed and have not been advised of any pending strike, labor action, or layoff

Monthly rent does not exceed 60% of your, co-tenants and guarantors' gross income

You have a legal and valid lease agreement


Option 2


To obtain approval if you require a co-guarantor you will need to have your co-guarantor complete a credit application to demonstrate they are able to pay the rent if you cannot similar to those in Option 1


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