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Pensio Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee

Home Buyers can use Deposit Guarantees


Pensio Purchase Power
Deposit Guarantees

A low-cost deposit alternative for buying a new home

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Replace a new home purchase agreement deposit with a low cost one-time fee for a Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee

*Pricing will vary based on the individual buyer, and purchase agreement terms. Price is determined based on information provided to Pensio.

Easy Process For Approval

Step 1 

Contact Us

Step 2 

Get a Quote

Step 3 

Fill in Application

Step 4 

Guarantee Issued

What is a
Deposit Guarantee

A Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee secured by Pensio is used in place of a cash deposit when a buyer enters into a purchase agreement.

Who Uses a
Deposit Guarantee

Why Use a
Deposit Guarantee

When you don't have ready access to a cash deposit, a Pensio Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee is a low-cost deposit alternative to buy a home.

Property Seller or Buyers or Developers. Contact the Pensio Purchase Power Deposit Guarantee Team to find out how we can help you.

Sourcing Cash Deposits can be Expensive

We recognize it can take years to save the cash required to buy a pre-construction home or it is expensive to source your savings until closing.

First Time Home Buying  can be Challenging 

We recognize buyers are faced with high rent and high deposits. We accept first time home buyers with personal guarantors.

What Types of Real Estate Properties Qualify

All types of residential properties including pre-construction new build homes closing up to four years from the date of a purchase.

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